Decided that you need a masterpiece to round off your newly landscaped backyard? Looking for a gift for your impossible-to-buy-for father-in-law? Trying to make your weekend at the lake even more chill? Just have some questions and want to know more about Pitboss? You’re in the right place.

Please tell us the details of your project and we’ll respond with a quote and timeline for the work. Contact us based on the pick-up location closest to you:

While we’ve provided some rough estimates below, each pit is made just for you, so prices may vary.

30″ diameter, 16″ tall: $400
38″ diameter, 20″ tall: $550

Add-on a grated lid: $150
Add-on a grated lid with swivel mount: $200

Free quotes for custom designs, which typically range from $25-$150

Looking to add-on legs or any additional features? We’re always up for new ideas. Send us a message and we’ll get you a quote.

Note that in some regions there are bylaw restrictions on the size of your fire pit, as well as requirements for lids. Please be sure to look into your area’s requirements and let us know if you need anything done to make a Pitboss Customs design at home in your yard.